Notes field and QRZ…

I noticed that the notes field is in the Adif file but they are not carried over into QRZ when they are uploaded… any way to fix this?

I think the problem is on the side of the equation. I’ve exported ADIFs with Note entries from other apps and the notes are not imported into my log.

You might ask around in the QRZ forums about this.

Update: Actually, it looks like’s logbook 3.0 beta test doesn’t display the notes that are imported (shows as blank), but if you revert to the current published release, your imported notes will be displayed. At least mine are…

I mis-worded my post… I should have been more specific… comments disappear, notes are hidden unless you use the 2.0 logbook. I used to use HamLog that carried over all info and was hoping there was a fix for all of the fields being carried over.

My comments are imported into QRZ–I’ve never experienced any issues with that field.

I was looking for a post in regard to the comment field on QRZed. Thanks.

Maybe it’s a good thing to be able to have notes that aren’t visible on QRZed logs but I’ve been editing all of my QSOs just to copy and paste them into the comment field. I always seem to miss some.

Could this field be incorporated into the templates and let the user decide?

Mac: 10.15.7
HAMRS: 0.11.4