Null error when in spotty service

This was something I noticed when I used the android app on a summit. I was in an area with spotty coverage, so my phone was jumping between LTE and no service.
When I would finish logging a contact, the pop up on the top right would throw an error for being unable to find a “Null” callsign. (Which obviously it can’t, i haven’t entered the callsign yet!)

Also, I found it annoying when it would throw 4 popups while entering information since it would end up preventing me from reading the callsign. I need to be able to see that when I am operating!

Don’t know if this is helpful, but I am using a Google Pixel 5a with the latest version from the google play store.

Indeed, lookups do not like handling marginal cell service. It’s even possible for the lookup to fill data on a callsign that’s no longer even there! If the request is delayed enough, you can enter and finish a QSO, log it, and then name/location will get filled in the otherwise blank form. Definitely on a phone the status messages get in the way of data entry, particularly when more are generated in these conditions.

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