Only park to park entries in log showing up on the map

Has anyone ever had ONLY the P2P entries show up on the map? I am at home, using the internet. I paper log them in the field then enter them when I get home. All of the call signs are verified and verified in the log by HAMRS via QRZ. The non P2P ones just don’t show up on the map. Is there a setting I have wrong somewhere? Using an iPad.

Try editing one of the non-P2P QSOs. Is “Their grid” populated? That’s how the map plots them.

If you’re a premium subscriber, be sure to enter your credentials in your HAMRS profile. Without your login credentials, HAMRS won’t be able to retrieve the grid squares from

Otherwise use one of the other lookup services. I have the most success with HamDB.

That actually was the issue. I am a premium subscriber and have my credentials entered in there. If I go back and re-look them up it works fine. (shrug). I may just have to create a subscription to HamDB. I think it started doing this when I upgraded my QRZ subscription to the 2nd tier, no adds. Thank you for taking time to respond. 73 KS4KY Neil

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