Operator no remembered on Mac

I was logging today as the club, but it always seems to overwrite the operator callsign with the club callsign after every logged QSO. Can this get fixed?

I don’t have a Mac, but have never seen this on iOS or on Windows.

Just to confirm… you enter the Club Call in the “Club Call” field, and your call in the “My Call” field. You save the QSO, and the Club Call gets copied over into the My Call field. You have to change it back for every QSO. Is this correct?

Also, are you using the latest version of HAMRS (0.11.6)?

And which template were you using?


Okay, I might have been using it wrong. For the second activation today, I used my profile (not the clubs profile I set up) and it seemed to remember both properly. I need to confirm the logs yet. Yes, I was using the latest version of HAMRS.

UPDATE: I guess I was using it wrong. It works fine. I’m an idiot.

Hey, glad you got it to work! :slight_smile:

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