Option to Set QTH Needed

Love the app but it is annoying to see the map only showing your QTH if you enter a park number… There should be an option to set your QTH manually so that contacts can stem from a single QTH

if you click on the “expanded mode” button, you will see that you have a “My Grid” box, which you can use to override the default park grid location. I know this is present at least on the current beta version.

Doh, I’m a dummy! Thank you! This app has made life SO much easier and has made activations and general QSO logging an absolute joy! Thanks!

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That’s cool… yeah, Jarrett’s really got a great thing here. As you continue to use it, make sure to come back here and add your thoughts for improvements, etc. I know he’s already got a bunch of improvements in the works.

Okay, so I’m at work and went to check the expanded menu and I still can’t find where to input MY QTH so that lines originate from my location to QSO’s made… when I enter a callsign the fields autopopulate and I see no field to input MY grid square… is there a way to download the test version you spoke of?

What version, on what platform are you operating? It is under the section with Frequency… on my iphone, it’s the lower left box “MY GRID”. I’ve taken a screenshot of the desktop version, running on my mac, but i believe it’s identical for all of the desktop versions… current version is 0.10.1.

However if you’re using a mobile phone / tablet, then you may need to get signed up for the beta (see the main support page, there is a thread for this, here: Mobile Beta Testers: Please Opt back in here! - #22 by k2gri). It may not be present if you’re using the most recent full release on your platform. Currently, on my iPhone, i’m running the beta version: 0.10.0

Below is a screenshot of where the “My Grid” box is on my desktop version, it’s in the same relative place on my phone / ipad.

I have 0.10.1 on my Mac, iphone and Thinkpad. I do not have that option as you described. This is what my screen looks like across all


@K6SRV Check the type of logbook template you are using… @KD2TJU is showing the “POTA” template, I think you are using the “Generic” Template…

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@we0dx is 100% right… i keep forgetting there are other templates. That may be something that is coming in a future update, and if not, would be a good feature request. (My guess is a maidenhead grid locations should be part of every template, or possibly part of the profile)

LOL so my original feature request stands lol for the generic template hahahaha I plan on activating my first park this friday, but at the home, I use the generic log and export then delete.


I need to give some love to other templates next release. 0.10.2 is in beta right now, as soon as I’m happy with that build, it’s SOTA template and generic template time.

Thanks! And can you go ahead and make this the standard worldwide?! I can’t stand LTW and the way things are shown and done LOL

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