P2P Entries Not Working

I am not getting credit for P2P in Parks on the air. I am filling out the other park field but I am being told the system is not recognizing it. I am using the windows version of HAMRS. My coordinator says they are having a lot of problems with HAMRS adif files.

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@N0WE Jim, your log submission has little (or nothing) to do with P2P credit. As long as your log was accepted and uploaded, and the other activator’s log was uploaded and accepted, the POTA database system automatically matches your park to the other activator’s logs. You could leave “their park” blank and you would still get credit for the P2P. (The only exception is when the same activator is moving from park-to-park; entering their park number helps to ensure you don’t have any dupes. Make sure you are entering it in the “K-####” format.)

Several of the regional coordinators have expressed concern over ADI files from HAMRS missing required data. I believe @Jarrett is attempting to address this in the next release of HAMRS, by validating and requiring the mandatory fields the POTA system needs. I think the users bear responsibility for submitting a complete file, too, but if HAMRS can help prevent those errors, all the better.

Of course, downloading and installing the latest version is important since there have been some changes in the last couple of releases which have been beneficial. But a lot of users are several versions behind, at least from what I’ve seen here and in the POTA Facebook group.

I also have missed credit for a p2p. It shows in my pota logbook but not in my awards, so it looks to me to be a pota update miss, not HAMRS.

I have been talking to the zero coordinator but haven’t been able to come up with an answer. I check my logs with ADIF Manager and all looks correct.

@N0WE Did you confirm the other activators uploaded their logs? Are your QSOs with them visible in your “Hunter” log on POTA.app and does the date, time, band, and mode match your QSO entries in your “Activator” log? (Times need to be recorded within 15 minutes of each other.)

For example, in my online Logbook on POTA.app, I find these entries in my “Hunter” and “activator” logs:

If your P2P entry is present as an activator, but there is no corresponding entry as a hunter for the same date, time, band, and call, you won’t get P2P credit.

If there are entries for both and everything matches, then contact the POTA help desk to troubleshoot the discrepancy.

As it turns out my log is the problem according to the data base manager. Even though the log was accepted the band field had 40 instead of 40M. I have resubmitted the logs. We will see what happens.

Yep, that would do it.

Were you entering the frequency in MHz? If so, the band should have been automatically populated for you (with the ‘m’).

I think the next release should help avoid this problem by making the band field a drop-down instead of allowing free text entry.

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