Portuguese Translation [Done]

I’d like to do the Portuguese translation

Mike CU3HY

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Thank you for offering. So what I’ll start to do is begin building a translation key file for Portuguese. It will be filled with the english defaults, you can edit it, and I’ll be able to add that file back in. I also need build a language selector so users can choose their language.

I’m beginning work on it know, as soon as I have a translation file for you to look at, I’ll let you know!

Seems like a plan! :wink:

Alright! I have a template for you ready to go, along with instructions if you need them. If anything is unclear, please let me know and I’ll update the pinned topic: Translation Template - #2

"logbook": "logbook | logbooks",
"qso": "QSO | QSOs",
"fields": {
	"my": "Meu",
	"their": "Dele",
	"total-entries": "Total de entradas",
	"template": "Modelo | Modelos",
	"title": "Titulo",
	"callsign": "Indicativo",
	"rst-rcvd": "RST Recebido",
	"rst-sent": "RST Enviado",
	"park": "Parque",
	"their-park": "@:fields.their @:fields.park",
	"my-park": "@:fields.my @:fields.park",
	"comments": "Comentários",
	"time": "Hora",
	"date": "Data",
	"date-created": "@:fields.date Created",
	"freq": "Frequência",
	"band": "banda",
	"mode": "modo",
	"time-on": "Hora de começo",
	"category": "Categoria",
	"section": "Secção",
	"my-section": "@:fields.my @:fields.section",
	"my-category": "@:fields.my @:fields.category",
	"their-category": "Categoria dele",
	"their-section": "Secção dele",
	"their-call": "Indicativo dele",
	"operator": "Operador",
	"class": "Classe",
	"grid": "Grelha",
	"itu-zone": "Zona ITU",
	"cq-zone": "Zona CQ",
	"latitude": "Latitude",
	"longitude": "Longitude"


"buttons": {
	"new-logbook": "Novo Logbook",
	"lookup": "Pesquisa",
	"action": "Ação | Ações",
	"edit": "Editar",
	"export": "Exportar",
	"delete": "Apagar",
	"save": "Salvar",
	"cancel": "Cancelar",
	"ok": "OK",
	"clear": "Limpar",
	"help": "Ajuda",
	"about": "Sobre",
	"support-and-requests": "Suporte & Pedidos",
	"enter-callsign": "Inserir @:fields.callsign"
"messages": {
	"are-you-sure": "Tem a certeza?",
	"delete-logbook-text": "Esta ação apaga o seu logbook e todos os QSOs neles contidos. \n Esta ação não pode ser desfeita"
"empty-states": {
	"space-title" : "Isto é muito espaço!",
	"set-up-camp": "Voçe montou acampamento!",
	"empty-logbooks": "Pareçe que você não tem nenhum logbook. Para começar, simplesmente @:buttons.new-logbook botão.",
	"your-qsos": "Os seus QSOs vão aparecer aqui. Comece a fazer contactos!"


Thank you SO much. It’s working perfectly. I have a new section that needs translation whenever you have time no rush. I’ll have a new version out with language support very soon! I might drop a beta here before a real release, just to do some bug testing.

"profiles": {
		"profile": "Profile | Profiles",
		"operator": "Operator",
		"callsign": "@:fields.callsign",
		"new-profile": "New Profile",
		"language": "Language",
		"first-name": "First Name",
		"last-name": "Last Name",
		"default-template": "Default Template",
		"messages": {
			"first-time-setup": "Let's Set Up Your First Profile",
			"select-your-language": "Select your language",
			"validations": {
				"callsign-required": "Callsign is required",
				"language-required": "Language is required"

Here you go! :wink:

Can’t wait for the new release!

Hey Mike! I’ve got a pre-release out to test language support. Info and files here: Pre-release - 0.9.2

If, when you set up your profile and select Portuguese, and you see any untranslated strings, let me know in the release thread I’ve linked above! Thank you SO much.

Sent you a message with some changes