POTA Appalachian Trail populating data wrong

I activated the AT for POTA, and my 1st QSO I forgot to enter MYPARK and in that case my grid location populated correctly. After I entered my park identifier, my grid changed from FN33vq to EM74vp and MYSTATE was showing CT,US which is inconsistent with either location.

HAMRS v. 0.11.3 on Android 11, security patch 01JUN21, Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G, T-mobile.

I think HAMRS pulls the grid square and state from the POTA park list. This is often wrong, though, at large parks and particularly those that span multiple states. And since the POTA database lists multiple states for the AT, it is probably using only the first one in the list (alphabetically that would be CT).

I think the fix is to press the geo-location icon next to the grid square to read your position from the device’s built-in GPS, and then edit the state in your QSO to match.

I wish @Jarrett would make MYSTATE visible in the expanded mode instead of burying it in the QSO editing screen.