POTA Self-Uploader

For the POTA operators here, in case you haven’t seen this yet, POTA just implemented the ability to upload your own ADIF-formatted logs to the program web site instead of relying upon the regional coordinators to do this for you.

Note that in HAMRS, you will need to export the ADI file to a folder on your device before uploading it to the POTA server.

For instance, on my iPad, I am able to export the ADIF from HAMRS into an iCloud folder I’ve called “ADIF” and the POTA uploader allows me to select the file from that folder on my iPad, like this:

Please note that there are screen size limitations at the moment. The POTA uploader won’t yet support my iPhone, so I will need to use my iPad or PC to execute the upload. If using a smart phone version of HAMRS, simply export your ADIF to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, or another shared folder so you can access it from another device to complete the upload. You can also just keep doing what you’ve been doing and send it to your regional coordinator for uploading, if you prefer to do so.

Check out the training video here:


Please keep in mind, there is no rush to submit logs. When exporting from HAMRS, send the log to yourself. When you get home, save the logs to your home computer first. Be sure they are complete and accurate. Then submit to POTA either through the self-uploader or to your Area Coordinator.


Exactly!! This “rush” to send logs in baffles me. I’ve waited days before sending in the “old days”. Because back in the day it could take 3 weeks in Region 1, so a day or two more did not matter. I use HAMRS in the field now, and email it to myself at the end of the activation. That way I know its on two devices. So simple. Get home, proof it, and upload. I have found mistakes more than once. w1ip

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Too many people want instant gratification these days. We actually had a hunter submit to the helpdesk DEMANDING we post in large bold letters on the main web pages and everywhere else requiring activators submit logs by the evening of the activation and that they be processed immediately. He was greatly disturbed when told emphatically NO! We get at least a dozen complaints a week from people who do not see their stats and awards updated within hours of making contacts. Sigh.

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I did a self log upload the day before yesterday and it worked perfectly! I use an iPad to log, the only hint I have is to have your iPad I landscape before beginning. Again, it works great. :slight_smile:


I just ran into an issue on this. Using an Android tablet (Fire in my case) the only export option I can see is via email. I’m not understanding a way to export to a folder on my device. Therefor, I am unable to upload it to POTA from my device.
Any suggestions?

Michael WA7SKG

I don’t have an Android or a Fire Tablet, but what do you see when you select the “Export ADI” option?

Do you have a Dropbox account? Just wondering if that appears in your list of options to export the file.

When I click Export adi, the options are email, bluetooth, nearby share, FB Newsfeed, or FB Your Groups. If I click on Nearby Share, it starts looking for nearby devices. It seems to be looking for another device (phone, computer, etc.) via bluetooth or wifi.

I don’t understand why the option to save it in a folder on the local device is not available.

Michael WA7SKG

My options when I click on Export ADI

Michael WA7SKG

Interesting. I wonder if this is an issue on other Android-based tablets, too, or isolated to the Fire.

It may be something @jarrett has to enable in HAMRS.

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