POTA Spots Sorting Issue

I’ve noticed lately that the sorting by spot time is not working properly in 1.0.5. Is this a known issue?

I don’t think it has been reported. Just checked and agree—something is broken.

It used to work. I wonder if something changed on the POTA.app site that impacted this?

Hopefully this gets fixed soon. Will the developers see this and respond?

Yup, definitely an issue here. Repeatedly toggling the sort direction will very temporarily fix the sort order, but then the spot time order goes very wrong the next update cycle or something.

Yep, not sorting for me either today on my POTA activation.

POTA I think did a switcharoo on their API - I’ve fixed it in the build that’s currently in beta, as well as made it so if they change something again, I’ll be able to fix it from the server-side and won’t have to push out a release.

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Thank you for addressing this issue and all the work that you and your team does!

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