Program slows after 100 entries (W10)

I’m using HAMRS logger for Windows and really really like it! However, when I get over 100 contacts in a single log the program slows to a crawl. You enter a callsign and it then blanks it out requiring reentry. Also, the lookups become very slow too.

If I keep it around 100 things go a lot smoother…Hopefully you will address this issue before long.

(PS: this is on a fast laptop with plenty of SSD space.)

Don, K5TER

I’m using Android and the same thing. I logged 144 contacts yesterday. 1 through 65 went fine, but then the input especially in the enter call sign would slow or produce multiple letters not keyed. Foe example, I type W8 and wait for the w to show up in the box, then when it does, it is w8wwwww in the field.

I’ve passed 100 QSOs on a (modern) Win laptop and have not had this issue.

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