QRZ lookup for my call sign returns wrong grid

Hello, using HamRS to pull down the QRZ info for my own callsign, and HamRS returns the grid location for my FCC registered postal mailing address. My QTH is different and is registered on QRZ as my calling grid location. Can this be fixed?

Thanks, Jon/W7ENT

Have you contacted QRZ.com?


I don’t have a premium subscription to QRZ, so I can’t test this, but it appears HamBD returns a different location than the grid you’ve entered on QRZ. Which is your actual QTH grid square?

Does HAMRS give you the QRZ grid square shown below when you look it up?

Hello, Yes I contacted QRZ. They note the Grid CN97ap is on my account. CN97ap is the grid where my station is located.

When I do a lookup W7ENT on HamRS, I see grid CN87xq, which corresponds to my mailing address attached to my license, not my user-supplied QTH (my radio location).

Thanks, Jon/W7ENT


I’m pretty sure HAMRS just uses the grid square that is retrieved from the lookup service you’ve selected in your settings. It doesn’t attempt to look up and convert the address. So if your grid square is correct in QRZ, I don’t understand why HAMRS is retrieving a different grid square.

Can you confirm your lookup provider in HAMRS is set to QRZ?

Yes, the device where I found this was using to HamDB. My phone was set to QRZ, now they both are and I get back a location (Redmond - the mailing location) but no grid. That’s better than a false grid, thanks!

I don’t have a HamDB login so the first device was going to HamDB as a guest. I do have a QRZ login and both devices don’t show the “user provided Grid”.


You need a premium (paid) subscription for QRZ for it to pull down grid squares, and you would need to enter your login credentials in the HAMRS profile for this to work.

But it’s a relief to know something isn’t going wonky with the QRZ lookup, at least. :slight_smile:

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