Qrz not looking up and map spotting

Qrz Search function will not find Call signs in the search bar nor will it find it when logging contacts I have perfect Internet and never had a problem before. Also, the map spotting is also having problems where some of my contacts show and some of them don’t I have relook them up. I’ve edited them with their grid square and everything and still won’t show up. I think there’s a couple bugs app maybe need an update.

I have the same problems, I hope they will get all the bugs worked out. I like this logbook system better than QRZ and LOTW.

To clarify… you’ve tried looking up contacts in QRZ on the web site (via browser) and are unable to find them? If this is the case, HAMRS won’t find them either. It might be an issue with QRZ or your connection.

Are you logged into QRZ via your HAMRS profile (verified with a green check mark), and do you pay for a subscription? This is required to retrieve grid squares via HAMRS.

If you’ve entered your own grid square (need to be in expanded view to see that field) and manually entered your QSO contact’s grid square, HAMRS should show both with a connecting line. This confuses me… perhaps a screen shot of the edited contact and one of the map would help with troubleshooting this. Can you post them here?

I did open QRZ on the web site and in the app It works fine. I log in on the app on my iPad in the field and use my phone for cell service. It worked fine at one park and at the new park and at home the HAMRS app would not work I deleted the 2x to get it to work then it stop work again I am planning on replacing my iPad to see if it fixes the problem I am having. And for the spotting on the map only half of the contacts show up on the map. It’s still kept the logs and ADFI work fine up loading to the pota app. For editing the grid square. I go to the edit on the side of the log and edit it in there and it finds and fixes the log and drops the pin in the map for the contacts.

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