QSO Map not populating

I have made 13 QSO’s in version 1.06, but nothing shows on the map.
I have entered my credentials for QRZ.com and HamQTH.com. I currently have QRZ as primary because HamDB and HamQTH are not finding any of the entries.

Is there something I have miss configured?

Is your own grid square entered into each log entry?

Looks like mine is, but not the contact.

Ah, if the contact grid is blank the map will be blank, too.

QRZ requires a premium membership to retrieve the grid square. HamDB and HamQTH both have their individual quirks, namely a limited number of DX contacts.

Seems to me that the requirement for QRZ Premium membership to get your contact’s grid squares must have happened in the last year or so. I remember having all my contacts plotted on the map not so long ago, but now, not so much. That would explain it.

Jack N8EU

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