QSOs not recorded after changing bands

I used version 1.01 for the second time today and discovered a disturbing issue. I was working 80M and everything was fine and I QSYed to 40. As I normally do, I simply changed the frequency and the app automatically updated the band. I made about 5 contacts on 40 without any apparent issue before I realized that the contacts were not being recorded. I touched save and no error was given, but they did not appear in the entries list. I force closed the application and re-opened, the band was back to 80. I changed the frequency again and made more contacts which were then recorded successfully. I have retained the log file if it can be useful to troubleshoot. I was running the app on an ipad 9th generation.

It sounds like this is similar to what was reported here:

It appears that others have experienced the same issue and @Jarrett has this on his list to troubleshoot. Sorry to hear you had several QSOs that didn’t make it into your log, but glad that force-closing and restarting HAMRS fixed this for you. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

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