RST defaults to phone number screen iPhone

While using the iPhone version of HAMRS I ran into this issue while doing POTA on FT8:
The RST boxes default to the phone number keypad on iPhone but in FT8, where negative SNR are frequently used, there’s no access to the negative sign. I had to copy and paste the negative sign each time.
Any other workarounds to this?

Why are you worried about signal reports in a pota log? Not required to submit, and the other station will never see it. W1ip

Good point! I’m a relatively new ham with a QRP radio and just a wire antenna so being able to have a record of stations, power and RST, especially in Digital modes is important to me for reference.

Also, it’s strange that only on the phone platform does the style of input change. When I use a tablet or computer, there’s no change. Perhaps an oversight on the programming side?

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