Software needs to be UPDATED fir IMAC'S

Will not open on I mac. “Software needs too be updated” When will this happen??

Have you checked to see which version you are running?

You can find the latest version here:

I am running the most updated version, Ventura and macOS wont let your application attempt to open.
‘It gives a warning about not being able to check software for malicious content and you need to update the version, contact the developer for an updated version.’

I really enjoy using the app on my phone but this has a much larger screen and map. Thank you for the assistance.

Go into your System Preferences, and then down to Privacy & Security.
Scroll down the bottom and hit open anyway for HAMRS

Just did that and it worked for me on Ventura

Definitely works on my Macbook Air M2 running Ventura. Didn’t have to change anything when I updated the OS.

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