SOTA Activations using HAMRS - Success! (and comments)

First of all, I want to thank Jarrett for his hard work on the HAMRS app. Hats off to you my friend on a fine program you have developed for us.

I just got back from a 4 day SOTA adventure in the Appalachian Mountains along the BRP and Skyline Drive. I used HAMRS on 9 summits and all 9 of them saved, exported to Google Drive, and uploaded to the SOTA site. There were initially some errors submitting to SOTA I had to correct, which was my error not adding the S2S correctly.

I was using my Samsung tablet for the first two summits, before I decided trying to hold a 10 inch tablet and using a CW paddle was just too much for 2 hands. Switched to my Samsung S20+ and it worked well.

Some feedback:

I could not find a way to stop the auto lookup feature and if I was entering a callsign it would give several results, and being on my handheld phone it was covering up the call I entered. Finally figured out that if there were multiple results based on call suffix size, that the top one was the call I was trying to work, and sending it on the paddle in CW was almost impossible until it cleared itself off the screen.

After my first summit, I realized when you pre-fill the frequency, you cannot enter as an example 7063, it has to be 7.063 and it’s nice that it populated 40M. Is there a way, based on ham band gentlemen’s agreements, that for example, 7.063 would automatically default to CW mode, or if on 14.250 that it would default to SSB? That would be nice.

I noticed when I entered 5.332 that the band did not automatically change to 60M. Is this something that can be fixed?

Overall, a very awesome experience with HAMRS, and I learned some things about the program as well.

73 Scott

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I used Hamrs today for my Sota Activation and it is flawless thanks Jared!

Sota spots would be awesome like the pota spot but that is secondary to the point that this log worked like a charm.