SOTA feedback and a few requests

I’m really enjoying the SOTA side of the app. It’s quick to use and light. The .api export works great. I’m hoping a few upgrades are I. The works:

  1. SOTA spots. I’d like to tab over to see where other activators are getting spotted and be able to auto populate when I get to work them S2S.

  2. DUPE is not always a dupe. Sometimes I work a chaser on CW and ssb on the same band. Also, at 0000z chasers are encouraged to chase again, since it’s a new day. (I have not verified this condition turns into a DUPE).

  3. A local name directory past history would be GREAT. I am lucky enough to get chased by the same operators and I like to thank them by name. But I’m kind of terrible with names, so HAMRS could remind me what they like to be called. The qrz lookup is nice but I don’t always have cell reception, and often the name listed on qrz isn’t what they like to be called.

  4. the slash / went away on logbook naming. I wanted to call a logbook W7W/CW-001. / wouldn’t work so I called it W7W-CW-001. That’s not consistent with SOTA so it throws me when I see it.

Summit auto caps on logbook name would be cool too.

  1. Auto sorting of QSO’s by date/time. I had to add a QSO after an activation that I forgot to save during the activation. It was later in the day back home. When it didn’t sort correctly it made me wonder if it had saved correctly. It was in the correct order when I uploaded the .adi to sotadata. Not a big deal, but added it to the wouldn’t it be nice column.

  2. Hoping for a keyboard with a number row above the q row. SwiftKey works, but native to the app would be better.

  3. This app is awesome!

I haven’t done any SOTA activations and don’t use the SOTA template, but your ideas are great suggestions IMHO.

The ability to use a “/“ or “\” in the log name was disabled a couple of releases ago when it was discovered that exporting those log names as an ADIF file created problems with some file systems since slashes imply folder path. I guess the only way to incorporate the slash in the log name would be to change it to a dash or underline upon export. That might be something for @Jarrett to consider.

Kevin KZ3L