Hey Jarrett,

This app is soooo awesome! I activate both SOTA and POTA in the Virginia Appalachian Mountains. Would you know if there’s a best way to convert a SOTA log to a POTA log? Truly man… Thanks for all you do!!!

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Thanks for the kind words! I think the easiest thing to do is to export your SOTA log as an ADIF file, open it up in a text editor (notepad will do), and Find and Replace whatever is in the MY_SIG_INFO field. So if you worked SOTA WA-1234 and Park K-1234, just find and replace all instances of the SOTA reference.

I have a ticket for making this super painless when you duplicate a logbook to be able to change those references easily

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Super painless is good. Hoping for good luck making this edit. I’ve fallen short when it comes to editing .CSV SOTA files. I’ll just have to keep at it. Hope to activate a SOTA/POTA park this weekend and will give it a try. Thanks for the reply.

Hey @Jarrett, thanks so much for this awesome app, just wondering on this topic if the drop down could have another option for both SOTA and POTA together so I can put in a summit and park Information for the times we are activating both. Thanks so much for everything.

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You can use ADIF master software for that … it’s perfect to convert many fields

DD6FM - Marco

It would be nice to have one template that has both SOTA and POTA as we have quite a few that are both that way we have one log that can be both without any extra work

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@Jarrett I don’t want to bother you too bad :slight_smile: but I was wondering if this is something that can be done or maybe will be done, I am just curious. Thanks for all you do.