When activating using a club or special event call, the club call goes in STATION_CALLSIGN and the person at the microphone puts their call in the OPERATOR entry. When I started up HAMRS, I put the club call in the call entry in the profile. I opened the EXPANDED window and put my call in the OPERATOR box. When I export the .adi file, the club call is in the OPERATOR box and there is no STATION_CALLSIGN entry. Am I going to have to send the file to my computer and bulk edit every time to have the proper entries?

Michael WA7SKG

Found it. When I turned on EXPANDED MODE, it shows the block for club callsign. Good to go.

So i had this issue recently. I activated a park as my profile KO4AFL and the only activator and when uploaded to POTA the station call was blank but the op call was listed.

Filling in the “Club Callsign” with your own call sign will populate the ADIF STATION_CALLSIGN field, as the OP mentions above.

For what it’s worth, POTA doesn’t require these fields if you are activating under your own Callsign. Put it in the file name and the regional coordinator will handle it from there.

But I usually fill in both fields so I can upload the ADIF properly to my permanent logging program.

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