Stuck in Wichita

Jarrett, last two QSO maps show my signal coming from WICHITA. I think you know where that is (!) … an why this is happening. I’m near Moab UT today.

Looking forward to the fix.


The map only knows where you are if you enter a grid square in. Did you do that?

No, I didn’t. But that makes sense. Funny but I don’t remember typing in grid squares before and the map showed me in the right place… No problem, I’ll put the grid in from now on.

I submitted the form to be a beta for you. So far haven’t heard back. Maybe you’ve got enough volunteers?

Kept up the good work. Love your stuff.


Oh! The grid square will auto-populate if you put a park number in, so maybe it was grabbing from that.

I’ll check the Beta form for you’re entry. I add them in groups, so I probably just haven’t gotten yours in yet. Thanks for offering to test! It’s super helpful to me!