Switching apps on iPad - loses settings / returns to log list

This isn’t a critical bug, but has become a source of annoyance on the iPad.

Quite a few times when activating a park I’ve looked for an empty frequency, populated my mode/band/park/call info, and then switched apps to my iPad’s browser to spot myself on pota.app.

When I return to HAMRS, instead of getting the QSO entry screen, I am returned to the list of logs and have to open my current log again. Once opened, I discover that the info I’ve entered isn’t retained, unless I’ve saved a QSO with that information already.

HAMRS should (1) remember what I’ve entered when I switch to another app and return, even if I haven’t saved a QSO with that info; and (2) switching back to HAMRS should return to the QSO entry screen, not to the list of logs.