TCP or UDP server on saved QSO

It would be nice to be able to as a client to connect to hamrs as a client and be able to receive a json, xml, or adif message when the save button is clicked.

This way I could write a program to capture it and log it to everywhere I need to. Like LOTW, eqsl, and

Maybe at the least log it to an sqlite3 db that I can pick up.

I would be willing to test the feature.

Thanks y’all
Jerry WF5W

Well I’ve been thinking. I know where’s the WD-40!

Since I think it would be nice to have a TCP/UDP client to GET information.
Why not SEND info to the HAMRS program too.

Like, I am currently in the beginning stages of a ruby script to get the current frequency I am at at the moment in the radio (using CI-V in the IC-7300). It would be nice to change (in the running HAMRS program the frequency I get back from the radio.

I know that these are just wishful thinking items. But it would be nice at some point, when you don’t have anything else to do!!! Hi Hi

Oh well …

Jerry WF5W

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