Three logbooks gone!

Yesterday I activated three parks that have never been activated before.
I have tried to retrieve the log books and they are nowhere to be found!
This is unacceptable as the basic premise of any log book software is not to lose entries!
I’m running Windows 11 on a Microsoft surface Go.
I need help to retrieve these logs. There are about 12 entries in each.
Please help as these folks need to have their activity documented in parks on the air.
Very desperate!
Dan, VA3MA

Just an FYI.
I rebooted the computer as that seems to be something that is indicated on this site.
I’m using the latest hamrs version for Windows.
Are the data files kept somewhere that can be treated and tried to be sorted?

This morning I activated K-5192, the very first activation from this park. I logged 145 in my several hours at the park and after I was done with the activation I went around taking some photos and videos and when I got home and went back in to export the log I went from 145 contacts to 98, I lost a whopping 47 contacts. I want to scream ! There has to be a way of recovering this data from the app !

Had you used the ‘Lookup All’ feature by chance?

No Jarrett, I finished my activation, went out and took a few photos and videos then when I went back in to my iphone to export the .adi file because I had forgot to do it when I ended the activation the program bugged out and restarted and I went from 145 to 98

Can you tell me more about ‘bugged out’ and then restarted?

When I went back into the app, instead of working it basically refreshed and when it refreshed I went from 145 to 98

That sucks, I’m really sorry. I know that doesn’t mean much, but I truly am. I’m afraid those QSOs are probably lost.

I’m at a loss as to what to do, honestly. I’ve got a rewrite of the underlying DB coming soon, but I think I may take down the downloads page and pause app store downloads until it’s ready.

I don’t like the ‘just export often and take screenshots often’ advice folks give, it should just work. And for 95% of users it does.

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I would agree it should be taken down until stable!
I’m trying to reconstruct by asking on Facebook and POTA those stations to email me with their call and time… Not the best solution; but at least I can supply credits
I think I will use linux con my Chromebook as a trial with HAMRS

I lost 42 qso’s today from a log but luckily I had already uploaded it to the POTA volunteer who does the uploading in my region. I had been on and off the app a few times after my log was uploaded and I noticed it went from 158 qso’s down to 116 for no reason. I have only read about these issues and now have been hit by it. I feel apprehensive to use it on my next activation in fear I will lose contacts again or an entire log. I have logged 28 POTA activations wIth HAMRS and never had a problem until now. I hope this issue gets figured out and fixed because the app is awesome. De KC3EZP

What OS/HAMRS version are you using?

I’m using iOS. Not sure how to see which HAMRS version I’m using.

I found it. Version 0.11.5

What kind of device?

I was using an iPhone 11 Pro Max

I lost logs this past weekend as well. Thankfully not an entire logbook. I was in the middle of an activation and could no longer type callsigns in the call field without it erasing the first few characters. I would type type W4ABC and look back at the entry field so I could repeat the call and send a report in CW, and it would only show BC or ABC. Sometimes I would have to ask for repeats if I didn’t remember what I typed. This was without any backspacing or moving the cursor, I’ve seen that bug too.

So, I exited the app and re-opened it and about 40-50 QSOs were gone when I got back into the logbook. The typing problem was cured by re-launching it. I also cannot make the notifications stop popping up over top of the entry window. I’ll turn them off in settings and lookups and spots will still cover up the entry window.

This was HAMRS on Android using a Google Pixel 6.

I used this shortly before my data loss and wondered if it was the reason for the loss.

I know it’s a long shot, but I emailed to ask them if a list of callsigns that I looked up via the API during a certain time could be provided. I know they keep track of lookup counts for non-subscribers, so maybe it helps me get some of the lost entries back if by chance that information is available and they’re willing to share it.

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