Time Entry not pausing in POTA template on Android

I am using Samsung tablet with ANDROID 11. I paper log for now and enter the data into the tablet to help get things into QRZ. I use the POTA template because it will import comments I make (not notes like the generic template brings into QRZ). I push the pause time button and it turns red. I can input the time and date to what I want and it will change the time and date but after about 10 seconds it returns to current UTC. The pause button stays red. The pause button works in the generic template but that doesn’t enter extra information as easily into QRZ and wont work for POTA logs.
I believe I am using the pause button correctly. Brian

Brian, we all thought this bug had been squashed but apparently it hasn’t. There is another thread regarding the same issue on Windows.

Can you try force-closing HAMRS, restarting your device, and entering a fresh log? Does the time pause button work then?

Also, just to confirm, are you using HAMRS 1.0.1?


Using 1.01 Version. Restarting the tablet and going back to the app does not fix the problem. Going into Android settings and force stopping the app and resetting the tablet and starting a new log book makes the pause button work. I went back to a previous logbook that was problematic as well and the pause button worked. Seems force stopping the app reset something. Brian

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