Transferring template to a different PC

HAMRS Puzzle!
I’m currently using the call GQ4FOC, with the HAMRS Generic template, on my 2009 MacBook Pro. I’m up to 947 QSOs and everything has slowed down on the Mac, making the app useless for pile ups etc.
I had an idea to set up HAMRS on my ASUS and transfer the adif from the MacBook by emailing it across and into ‘downloads’. Then I realised, there is no function in HAMRS to import that adif, to resume with the GQ4FOC from QSO #947.
Does anyone have any ideas on the best way forward, other than set up a second HAMRS log on the ASUS?
Keith GW4OKT

The ability to transfer logs between systems isn’t possible yet in HAMRS. There has been a lot of discussion and interest regarding a cloud sync feature and/or an ADIF import feature, but unfortunately those capabilities aren’t implemented yet.

So at the present time I think setting up a separate log is your only option, unless someone can suggest an alternate way to directly move your log files and profile from one system to another at the file level.

If you create a second log within your MacBook Pro HAMRS, using the generic template, does that speed things up for you?