Trying this out to catch up paper log

I didn’t immediately post on first problems, but did come here to see what can be done and some early issues have been overcome. I operated out of Death Valley (one of the largest parks in the lower 48) in November. It was a blast and huge fun, although I did not have any logging software worked out before throwing everything, including a monster screwdriver meant for a destroyer into the back of the Jeep and trundling off to the desert. That said …

I’m trying to catch up and constantly fighting the clock and calendar. When I have it entered, I save, check the prior saved log and see it thought I was stupid and meant today and right now. I need to disable that or getting these 64 entries in and posted is going to take longer.

Other thing, as I’m currently using an old Windows LT the adif file presents itself as one continuous line. Is it asking much to offer the ability to properly break lines in the Windows edition? It makes for easy visual scanning without screwing around with the notepad tool.

Aside those things, it seems a good candidate for going out and playing in the field.

See my response to this thread in entering the time manually:

On Windows, download “ADIF Master” (free) and all your ADI file editing woes will be resolved. :slight_smile: There are some nuances (quirks) when mass editing columns, but once you learn those it’s a piece of cake.

Email me if you need help. (My email address is on

I noticed early on there was a Green and Red mode, tried both. It seems like every ten seconds the clock is polled and interferes with the textbox entry.

Of other note, I did see in the ADIF the QSO_DATE_OFF was current system date, completely disregarding anything entered.

The QSO_DATE_OFF issue is definitely a bug.