Two instances leads to missing QSOs

Hi - I apparently had two instances of HAMRS running on my Windows 10 laptop when we were activating a park yesterday. When finished with the activation, I closed HAMRS only to find that there was another instance running. I closed it as well. When I got home, I started HAMRS and looked in the LOGBOOK list to export the log that I’d just created at the park. It’s not there. I’d entered 15ish QSOs at the park. This was with version 10.7 - I’ve just now upgraded to 11.2.

A) It sounds like multiple instances of the program running at one time is a bad thing, so maybe an “already running” check is a good idea.

B) Is there anyway to look at the database file itself (either by me or a member of your team) to see if those records are actually in there and can be salvaged? There were a couple Park to Park records in there. It also was the first activation for a new guy in our club, so I’d really like for him to be able to upload his file to POTA.

Thank for the great software and your help with this issue.

Take care,

Matt King

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