Unable to export .adi on macbook air M1

I am very frustrated. Having used HAMRS (free) successfully on a macbook pro for 2 months, now I have PAID for the app to use on a new macbook air with the M1 chip.

Program creates the log easily but WILL NOT export the .adi file to any folder on the computer. This is not on an iOS device but on a laptop.

Permissions for the folder that I am trying to write to are “read/Write” which should present no problem.

You’ve essentially side loaded the iOS app onto your M1 air. There is currently no reason to, aside from automatic updates, as it’s the same code base as the free version on hamrs.app . I’m not sure if you can get a refund from the App Store, I’ve never tried that, but if you PM me I can return your money. I’ll need to see what’s up with with M1s. I have a MBP I can test on but even I use the desktop build, so it never occurred to me that it might work differently. Sorry about that!