Unable to export logbooks

I am a new activator and just completed 2 new logbooks. I go to the gear at the right and click in the Export to ADF and nothing happens. I can’t get the logbooks to export anywhere so I can submit them. Any suggestions?

What device are you using and which version of HAMRS do you have?

You might try:

  • Closing HAMRS and rebooting your device

  • Ensuring the logbook name doesn’t have any strange characters (/ \ , “ etc.)

  • Check to see if any of the other gear menu options work, such as Edit or Rename. Is it only the ADIF export that fails?

Just some ideas…

I rebooted and am able to export but my server will not accept it. What gives? I am using an Imac and not sure what version of Hamrs. It doesn’t work on my cell or Ipad either. Looks like I may have to find another logging service.

Can you export to a local folder instead of a networked server, then inspect the log with a text editor? Alternatively, what if you export the ADIF to an email instead and send it to another device?

I’m just taking a stab in the dark – I don’t have much experience with iMacs.

Thanks for sending me your log. I think we got everything squared away. If you get any error reports from the regional coordinator please let me know—will see what else I can do to help.