Update to park location not reflected on map

I had a POTA contact with VE7NB and I entered his park as K-4166. This was incorrect as the ham is in BC Canada. I updated the park to VE-4166, but after saving and reloading the map the contact still showed as location K-4166. Please examine for a bug. Thanks!

By the way, I’ve used HAMRS for 12 park activations so far. :smile: K0NOC

Not a bug, but not a current feature either :wink: I’m a little weary of the ‘Editing QSO’ form being as ‘magic’ as the log form, because I’d hate to overwrite data unintentionally. That seems too conservative in the case of the ‘Their Park’ field - I think I’m ok with updating the contact’s gridsquare, and state.

Anybody see an issue with me doing that?

I don’t see a problem with this, except if there are multiple states associated with the park being entered. Then follow a consistent UI with the main entry page (as discussed in a separate thread).

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