Uploading HAMRS TO HRD then LOTW

Loading a HAMRS adi file to HRD seems to work. If I upload the same records to LOTW, HRD will offer errors via log file on every field and LOTW is not updated.

Anybody seen this?


What error is being reported?

Another user had a similar problem, but we were able to trace it to him inadvertently entering the frequency into his HAMRS log in kHz instead of the required units of MHz.

LoTW didn’t recognize 14040 MHz as a valid ham frequency. (I guess 14 GHz technically is, but certainly isn’t what the user intended!)

Also, could you share which HAMRS template you are using?

Feel free to send me your HAMRS ADI file and I’ll be glad to take a look. Use my call @arrl.net.

II usually use ADIF Master to check the file and fix any errors and then upload to HRD. I then upload to LoTW from HRD and rarely have any errors. I would be curious what errors you are seeing.
Charlie - K0LAF

My process is to email my HAMRS logs from my iPad (my choice for activation logging) to my PC. I open the emailed logs with ADIF Master and I proof read, edit, and save them there.

Once they are saved I use the QSL app to upload the files to LoTW. Then I send a copy of the log to my regional POTA recorder. It’s an additional step or two, but it allows me to edit and proof the logs before sending them.

I realize that the logs can be sent to the POTA regional recorder directly from HAMRS, but then they wouldn’t be proof read or edited. It’s an extra step for me but I believe it saves work for the POTA recorder, not requiring him to contact me about errors. He’s already busy enough with all the other POTA logs.

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