Version 0.11.5 on Fire Tablet


Just installed 0.11.5 on my Fire Tablet. Thanks for all your hard work, by the way.

But, there is no improvement in typing data entry speed and now there is a severe delay in data going from the typing boxes to “Entries”. Somewhere between 9 and 11 MINUTES. That’s the difference between the time recorded for the “QSO” and the time on the clock when it appears in the “Entries” list. This is at home, connected to my home WIFI.

After installing 0.11.5 on my FT, I made up a dummy log and started entering random call signs at about the speed I would during an activation. There is still a lag of 5-10 seconds between typing the call sign, RST, park number, and it’s appearance in the appropriate entry box. If I try to enter typing into another box before the characters appear in the first box, then they are added to the characters of the first box. The callsign box ends up as n7xxx579. The typed characters are remembered, but they aren’t sited properly.

Finally, when I hit enter, it takes 9-11 minutes for them to appear in the ENTRIES list. Again, that’s the difference between the QSO creation time and the time showing on the clock when they appear in Entries.

Since I’ve been typing this, I’ve entered single mock QSOs. They are taking 3 minutes to transfer from the entry boxes to the “Entries” list, even when not other QSOs are in the pipeline to be transferred.

I’ve tried both random and actual call signs. It makes no difference in the lag, I’ve turned off Callsign Lookup and Notifications --that makes no difference either.

It’s not flagging “DUPES” in the entry fields, but it does flag them in “Entries” when the QSO eventually appears there.

In summary, if anything, 0.11.5 is even worse than 0.11.4 on my FT.

I’ve got my FT logs (55 or so) backed up elsewhere. (I’d rather keep them in HAMRS if I could…) Would you suggest I try deleting them all to see if that speeds things up? Possibly a problem of too much data for the FT to handle in HAMRS? Do you think that the Fire Tablet may not be a robust enough platform for HAMRS?

Also let me know if there is anything you’d like me to try with my FT that might help you define or address these problems.

I’ve not installed 0.11.5 on any of my other platforms yet.

Hope this helps describe the issues at least. Also hope this is just a FT problem for everyone else’s sake.

All the best.

So, after reducing the number of my saved logs from 56 to fewer than ten, the lagging problems went away for me on my Fire Tablet. It is now up to speed and as far as I’m concerned, working as intended.

Looks like having too many saved logs, for FT at least, will cause severe slowdowns in data entry and
QSO saving. As far as I remember, this began to happen at about 40 saved logs.

No complaints now.