Weird (user induced) bug...and finally understanding it [SOTA DB]

BLUF: If you upload an .adi to SOTA DB with S2S entries and delete it later, you must also delete the S2S entries or get errors later.

I submitted a log to SOTA from HAMRS with three S2S QSOs. After seeing it on SOTA DB, I spotted some entry errors and deleted it to make edits. However, I forgot to delete the S2S entries the HAMRS .adi had already uploaded.

Four times over two days I would attempt to submit the .adi and get “duplicate” error messages from SOTA DB, specifically on my S2S entries. Weird. Finally I gave up and went to SOTA DB and entered it manually. SOTA accepted it but when I went to view my S2S log I saw what happened. The original .adi S2S entries remained which gave me the “duplicate” error messages when trying to upload subsequent HAMRS.adis.

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