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When I create a new log on my android tablet, I press the little map pin next to “my grid” and it populates with the wrong grid square (DN70oj). I have verified that this app can access my precise location and that the tablet knows the correct location (Google maps shows me in DN70pl). This also happened when I was even further away from DN70oj. Since every QSO was tagged with the wrong grid square, I had to edit my log line by line to correct before uploading to POTA and LOTW.

Is this a bug or user error?

Does your tablet have a built-in GPS, or is it accessing its location based on a WiFi connection or cell phone data plan?

A built-in GPS will report an accurate location, but relying on other means will give an approximation reported by the tower or WiFi source. Those grid squares appear to be pretty close together regardless.

By the way, most of the time 4-digit grid squares are sufficient for logging and reporting to LoTW or QRZ.

It has built in GPS. Installed hamrs on my galaxy s20+ (which 100% has GPS) and it behaves the same way. Thinking it’s a bug.

Understand about the 4 character grid, is there a way to tell hamrs to only populate that info? I’d rather be less precise and accurate than more precise and inaccurate.

Love the app otherwise!

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Hmmm. That’s the first time I’ve seen a wrong grid reported by HAMRS.

I’m curious if other apps get it right. (I’m not familiar with those available for Android since I use iOS.)

You can’t restrict HAMRS to use 4 digits automatically, but you can edit the grid square after entering it into the first QSO.

OK I think I might have figured it out. This morning, I’m in DN70lo, and it reverted to DN70oj until I connected the tablet to wifi (through my phone’s hotspot) and then it grabbed the correct grid. This weekend I’ll be going to another grid (DM79) and ill see if it works.

Seems that my tablet doesn’t give the correct position information unless it has a wifi network??

Model is Galaxy A7 lite FYI

Another thought, did you enter the park number after the grid square? Doing this will cause the grid assigned to the park to override what was entered there.

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