Wrong QTH point

I live in jersey yet the map shows me in the middle of the country. How can I resolve this

Does your device have a built-in GPS and did it automatically populate your grid square? If not you will need to enter it. Otherwise the default QTH is in KS.

Select Settings | Expanded Mode “on” to display your grid square.

I have the same problem and I have entered my grid square in the “my grid” box. Is there some other place it needs to be set?

Do you have the grid square entered in every QSO? If you don’t, HAMRS might not represent your location correctly.

You might also try starting with a fresh log and entering your grid square right away. Does it work then?

Yes, this feature has never worked for me for some reason. I am using a new log for testing. I have only 1 (fake) qso entered but even on real logs with several it shows my QTH as Kansas on the map.

It’s not an end-of-the-world thing for me…just a nice-to-have. But it does have my curiosity.

Hmmm, interesting. I’m baffled.

I made sure it was correct on each qso. It does the same on the app I paid for and the one I put on my laptop. Very disappointing. Especially that I paid for it. I hope you can correct it soon

@Gregb It’s not my app to fix–I’m just an avid user–but I am trying to understand why it doesn’t work for some people but it does work for others. I have no problems on my iPhone, iPad, or Windows PC. A friend who has an Amazon Fire tablet has no problems, either.

Would you mind letting me take a peek at your exported ADIF for the log that doesn’t display your location correctly? You can send it to my email address listed on QRZ.com.

Also, you are using version 0.11.3, correct?

FWIW, I bough the mobile version for my iPad before the QSO Map was added as a feature, with no expectation of that feature being added later. The other features were worth it to me, especially at such a low cost.


I know its not your app to fix. It was more of a general “fix the app” to the person who is in charge of it. Ill try to send it to you. Its not the end of the world but it would be nice to have it work correctly .

Sound good. I’ll look for it in my email inbox.

@Gregb Greg, I received your ADI. A couple of things jump out at me:

  1. There is at least one record that doesn’t contain MY_GRIDSQUARE.
  2. In some QSOs you’ve entered your 4-digit grid square, and in others you entered the 6-digit grid square.
  3. The standard format for a grid square uses capital letters for the first two positions. Yours mix and match these (e.g. some start with FN and others start with Fn).
  4. Some QSOs don’t have a grid square entered for the other operator. Just recognize that these won’t appear on your map. You can enter them manually if you wish.

I suspect HAMRS wants to plot the QSOs based on a single, consistent MY_GRIDSQUARE entry. If you enter the grid square right at the beginning of your first QSO, it should replicate to all others in the same format. You shouldn’t have to enter your own grid square manually after entering it the first time in the log.

My recommendation: Edit the QSOs in this log to make them all consistent using the 6-digit grid square. Populate the one that is blank. Then see if the map works for you.

Also, I assumed you were using this for Parks on the Air, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. You used the Generic template, correct? Perhaps there are other issues with that template. All of my experience involves the POTA template. I’m not sure your grid square propagates from one QSO to another when you enter it in the Generic template, so you may need to enter it manually for each QSO. Just make sure it is consistent and doesn’t contain any leading or trailing spaces.

Hope this helps!

Added: Could you try one more thing? Go into your logbook and edit the earliest QSO in your log. Completely erase your own GRIDSQUARE and enter it in fresh (all 6 digits). Does this change anything for you?

Added again: See next post… I played more with the Generic template and now believe it is significantly flawed.

@n3cla If you want to send me your exported ADIF as well, I’d be glad to take a look. (Find my email address on QRZ.com.)

Can you confirm which template you’re using for your log? Generic, POTA, SOTA?


@Gregb @n3cla

Exploring a little further, it appears the POTA template QSO Map keys off of the LATEST “my grid” entry only. Changing/correcting prior “my grid” entries has no impact. One needs to enter a new “my grid” with the desired grid square to get the map to display properly. On the map, older QSOs will be connected to the location where the newest “my grid” entry was made.

The Generic template, which I haven’t really used much since most of my logging is POTA-related, is flawed in that (as far as I can tell) it defaults to the location my internal GPS reports on my iPad. If there is no GPS, I suspect it uses central KS as the default. I haven’t been able to get the Generic template QSO Map to use a different “my grid” position no matter what I do–starting a new log, changing the old QSOs, entering a new one, etc. On my Windows laptop (no GPS), the generic template places me in KS and I can’t change that on the map.

Thank you. That explains my problem. I’m using it for general QSOs, so I’ve been using the generic template. I didn’t realize they were functionally different under the hood (just thought they presented different fields) and I didn’t think to provide that info.

@n3cla Certainly features like this should be consistent from template to template. Hopefully @jarrett will consider this in future software releases. In any case, mapping all QSOs from KS doesn’t fit the intent of the QSO Map in any template unless that happens to be your actual QTH. :wink:

This is currently being addressed and is the hands of iOS beta testers now. I think the solve works, just giving it some time to see if there are any unintended side effects


That would be nice. Nice program

0.11.4 appears to fix the mapping issues. Check it out!

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I’ll give it a try :wink:

confirmed on my end using the generic template.

Thank you Jarrett.