0.10.0 Beta QSO Tab map not populating properly

0.10.0 Beta
IPad OS 14.4.2

All entries were P2P

I had an issue where the state filed did not populate for all entries. When selecting the QSO tab only the entry that included the state populated the map. It also shows a line to NE. I’m guessing that is because it appears to be the center of the default map. It did not show my park or a line to my park in VA

Re-enter your park number - your ‘My Grid’ field is empty, and that’s where it will draw lines to. It’ll work on any new QSOs you enter in that log after you’ve done that, but you’ll have to edit the others to have a grid square, which I think you said in your other post, aren’t available when editing. So I’ll add that to the list.

Also, it looks like your just hit enter - which is great - but I have to throttle the input field for ‘Their Call’, or it will ping QRZ with every key stroke. So if I wasn’t throttling, and your were talking me to me KB0ICT, it’ll send a request for K, then KB, then KB0, etc. etc. So I tried to figure out a threshold to wait until I knew folks were done typing to make the request. If you type WB5N and then wait 1 sec, you’ll their their QTH info populate. Not ideal, but a work around for this bug. You’re just too fast :wink:

Ok so I went back in and did my park again and my grid populates but there is no way for me to update that info for entries I’ve already made. Also when I leave that log, go into another room log and then back into that one the My Grid filed is empty until I update my park again

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Could you not query QRZ “on edit control exit”? i.e. once? then if the op makes a mistake, you can go back, edit and exit the control again for an update

I was going to post the same kind of feedback. I haven’t played radio for a little while and finally found the opportunity today. I used the POTA template as a hunter from home, therefore I have no park number, but it is how I have the option to enter their park info.

I logged a contact Friday, updated the app to get the QSO Map, then logged a few more. That first contact doesn’t appear on the map, only the new ones.

Next, I too noticed the map created lines to the center of the contacts. Now that I understand it’s looking for my park number and getting null, it’s using the center of my contacts as a reference point. I’ll enter my grid for future entries, but I can’t edit that field in the logs.