0.10.2 Released - 5/2/2021

0.10.2 is making it’s way into the various App Stores right now, and is available at https://hamrs.app for desktop versions.

This is a blended release of some features I had in the queue that were ready to go live, plus some behind the scenes tweaking of some of the tooling I use to gather error information. There have been reports recently of, say, having to restart your device to export logbooks sometimes. I haven’t been able to replicate it, it’s seems to be isolated, and I haven’t received any errors back to my error reporting software. This should at least give me better eyes on it when it does happen to the folks experiencing it.

I also might put a poll out on what to work on next, as my backlog has grown quite large and I want to make sure I’m still pushing out features that the majority of folks find useful, so look for that soon.


  • POTA Spots tab on the POTA Template
  • Expanded Fields that are available when editing a QSO
  • Added ability to delete profiles
  • Added upgrade alerts for desktop users


  • Added Power to POTA Template
  • New profile management workflow


  • Fixed bug that prevented MY_STATE from copying to new QSOs


Man, you should post a picture of your bird thats on the background, is that a Cockatiel. In the HamRadio 2.0 video was whistling, as in that video… he/she wants to be in the action! haha…

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Ha! Welcome to me trying to present some super complex architecture in a zoom meeting :slight_smile:

Here is Teddy Roosevelt the cockatiel in a very rare state:

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ha, love it… I love those birds…

The POTA Spots tab was a great addition, I may never use the spotting site again! :rofl:

Keep up the great work!

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Nice work! Like that addition of the POTA Spot. Would it be possible to add a vertical scroll bar to the POTA Spot and Entries Tabs. On a laptop you have to scroll the entire screen in order to see the spots on QSOs and then the logging fields aren’t visible.
And something else for your “To Do” list. On the POTA be great if the user could filter on the Band, and Mode as well as hide stations that have QRT in the comments. When working POYA it is nice to be able to see what parks are on the same band and mode so you can pick up Park To Parks.