0.10.4 Release - SOTA, Field Day Templates, and Log Duplication



  • Added basic SOTA template
  • Added basic Field Day template
  • Added ability to duplicate logs
    • You can change the park number, station call, and operator call on all QSOs in that log.


  • Fixed a bug preventing Chromebook users from exporting logs

I’m behind a bit on my self-imposed release schedule due to work and life, but I’m excited to get this one out.

I’ve added basic templates for SOTA and Field Day. I’m excited to hear feedback for how I can enhance these beyond what they are in this release.

I also added log duplication to this release. I’m sure there will be great feedback on this, but right now it was built with POTA folks in mind. If you’re activating multiple parks, you can do duplicate your log, change the Park number, hit save and have a copy of your log with all of the QSOs updated!

Mobile is making it’s way to the various App Stores right now, and desktop if available at https://ww.hamrs.app (hopefully you’ll also receive a pop-up in your desktop apps alerting you about the new release as well!)

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Duplicate Logs is awesome, but can you make it so that you can change the Template? you know for the places that are SOTA and POTA . Thanks bud

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Ahh crap I should have thought about that. Yeah that’s an easy change. I’ll get it in the next build.

In the meantime, you can always change which template your log is using by editing it and choosing a new template

So for work a workaround:

  1. Duplicate the log
  2. Click the logo or ‘logbooks’ at the top to go back out the logbook list screen
  3. Click the cog icon again and then ‘Edit’,
  4. Change the template.

Adding it to the duplication window will make it a nice one-click ordeal.

Wow ! thank you. I’m excited. Finally someone who takes care of a good app and also maintains it. I look forward to future updates on wwff and maybe cota Profil maybe :grin:
Tnx !

DD6FM - Marco

Recommend using “FD Station Call” and “My Call” in the Field Day Template, displayed in that order.

In the context of Field Day, “club call” can be confusing. If I and a friend are operating a 2-person field day, we will use one of our call signs as the on-air station call sign. But we aren’t a club.

Nuanced, I know, and the end user can adjust accordingly, but this would at least align with the field day submission form.

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Dude, do what you can, we’ll appreciate whatever you can manage. Afterall, this is a side project. Real life stuffs get in the way… it’s a thing.

Thanks for the update!

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Trying to duplicate a POTA log to SOTA.

  1. Duplicated the log.
  2. Edited the log and changed to the SOTA template
  3. I get a perfect duplicate log of contacts with the SOTA template
  4. I can’t change my information in this log. The ‘My Summit’ field is blank. I can enter the correct information but it isn’t saved when I close the log. I tried clicking another field after entering my summit. The info still showed in my summit but going to the logbook and reopening shows the field is still blank.
    I don’t see any ‘SAVE’ button on the screen.

Am I missing something obvious or does this not work?

Windows 10, HAMRS V1.0.6