0.10.6 - Release Notes

Making it’s way out soon is 0.10.6! Thanks as always to the best Beta Testers in the world! I need to figure out a way to set up a beta program for desktop users, but that’ll come later. Anyway, here’s release notes and a video rundown.



  • Hunter Mode - Clicking a POTA Spot card will copy information into your current QSO
  • You can now toggle QRZ lookups on/off
  • You can now toggle pop-ups on/off
  • POTA park fields auto-format
  • Time field auto-formats


  • Hitting clear no longer clears out your callsign
  • My Grid and band now persist between QSOs on the Generic Template
  • Club Call persists between QSOs on the Field Day Template

I’m sure this is a dumb question, but is the hunter mode for activators making a Park to Park contact?

I’m assuming it’s not for people simply hunting as there’s no need to submit anything. Though I guess you could then export the adif file to import elsewhere…?

Not a dumb question. It’s for both. When I’m hunting, I still use HAMRS to submit logs to QRZ and LOTW.

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Thanks so much for all your efforts Jarrett, great program and it just keeps getting better!


Great update! Could there be a way for the app to query my QRZ.com logbook to see if I’ve ever worked a particular station before while hunting/logging a qso?

When coping from spot then enter contact, does not show up on map. Also, does not lookup!

Release Notes for 0.10.7?