0.11.1 - Released

Fixed some bugs and a couple of enhancements. Really happy about being able to call hamdb.org directly rather than through proxy. And they fixed the grid square problem! HUUUUUGE thanks to @KK6NLW for that!

EDIT: iOS and Android versions are making their way through their respective review processes and should be available soon.



  • Removed proxy server calls to hamdb.org - faster!
  • Restrict ‘Their Callsign’ input from using extra characters
  • Restrict ‘Their Park’ input from using extra characters
  • Hitting spacebar on ‘Their Park’ inserts a comma


  • Fixed bug preventing QSOs looked-up with hamdb.org from being deleted
  • Addressed some stability issues with QSO Map
  • QTH was populating state along with the city
  • Fixed bug preventing Park to Park grid squares from being populated

Tnx for you work !
73 DD6FM - Marco

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As usual, your right on top of things. WD4T

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So do you recommend going back to Hamdb then over QRZ or hamqth?

If you have a QRZ subscription, that would most likely be best. I’m honestly not familiar enough with all of them to know which is better, but something tells me QRZ. I believe HamDB is pulling data from government databases only, and QRZ and HamQTH use user provided info and some gov data (I believe). I use QRZ. Maybe other folks more knowledgeable than me will chime in.

Thanks! But is there any chance the WWFF will be included into the app? That’s what most European park activators would be happy to see, I guess. 73! Linas LY2H


I need to circle back around, but yes I want to, and can easily. I just need to take a look at that topic again and see if I can get a clear idea of what the template should look like.

Yes I also waiting for that :+1:t2:

Here is what is needed in adif:


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