0.11.3 - Release Notes



  • Convert commas to decimals in frequency for internationalization
  • Logged spots were not taking into account park reference

I’m using 0.11.3 and on my PC the QSO map shows my location incorrectly as Whichita, KS while on my iphone it properly shows my QTH as SW Ohio.

Also, could we make Hamrs default to my call sign to save having to enter it every time I launch the app? I would find that very helpful.

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@W8DRP Do you have your grid square entered into the “My Grid” field on your PC.?

Your phone has a built-in GPS, so this field is populated automatically by your phone when you create a new log.

Your Windows PC probably doesn’t have a built-in GPS, so you have to enter your grid manually (unless it is pulled from one of the databases–not sure if that is the case or not).

Thank you!

Checking all of that. Transitioning to an iPad to standardize w/iphone.

Looking forward to syncing my devices! I hate typing.

Your advice is appreciated!