0.11.4 - Release Notes

0.11.4 is making it’s way to the various app stores and https://hamrs.app

There are a lot of quality of life improvements in this build. I’ve been absolutely swamped playing interim CTO at work, and HAMRS development has suffered. Around 5% of users have issues with logs being dropped. This is absolutely not acceptable. It’s also been notoriously difficult to replicate. I’ve contracted a co-worker to help with swapping out the underlying database HAMRS uses for one that will be far more robust, as well as allow for syncing. This is absolutely my main focus for the next month or two - stability and sync.




  • Updated POTA Park list with new parks
  • Updated Generic Template Layout
  • QSO time is now live and can be paused to allow for entering back-dated logs
  • QSO map now draws lines from MY_GRIDSQUARE to GRIDSQUARE for each QSO.
  • QSO map shows green marker for each MY_GRIDSQUARE fond in logbook
  • QSO map caclutates mode of all QSO MY_GRIDSQUAREs to determine where to center when loading map
  • Grid Input is now formatted properly
  • Changed Band input to a dropdown
  • POTA Template requires CALL, MODE, and BAND
  • Immediate QRZ and HamQTH credential validation
  • Strip whitespace from gridsquares


  • Always export MODE, BAND, and FREQ fields to ADIF, even if null
  • Adding QRZ or HamQTH credentials sets that service to the global lookup provider
  • Disable ‘Lookup’ and ‘Lookup All’ buttons if offline
  • Fixed 160m band selection
  • Fixed Edit QSO Spacing


I know you’re not getting wealthy from this App and I appreciate the big improvement it is over handwritten logs. It also saved me from buying a Windows laptop for portable operation.


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Thank you for the update and for your commitment to continually improving HAMRS!

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Ditto the above comments. Looking forward to trying it again on my next activation.