0.11.6 Release Notes

Barring any huge Quality of Life bugs, this will be my last release before the database rewrite. I have a Pull Request to look over from a contractor I’m working with that will migrate your logs, profiles, and settings to a better DB. I hope to have this out by the end of the year. As much as I hate saying something like this: Please export your logs early and often


  • Ensure desktop versions run in single instance mode
  • Removed ‘Lookup All’ feature temporarily
  • Moved Delete to bottom of QSO actions list
  • Increased timer interval to free up resource allocation
  • Increased geolocation interval to free up resource allocation
  • Fixed a stability issue when updating QSOs
  • Fixed bug that cleared grid when tabbing from their park field.
  • Fixed ADDRESS and SUBMODE adif fields exporting when null
  • Made time button red when not in use
  • When POTA Reference returns multiple States, show an alert
  • Editing QSO My Park field updates your grid and state

I can tell you that on an iPad Mini 6, the app is stable. Noticed many of your changes. They worked on my iPad. Look the app, can’t wait to see the new DB. Good luck on that.

@jarrett, thanks for all the hard work you continue to put into this! It must truly be a labor of love.

Looking forward to the next iteration with the retooled database and the improved performance that we anticipate will accompany it.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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I feel good knowing that a bug I found was squashed and the fix released :slight_smile:

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