0.9.6 Bug Thread

New build has been sent to the App Store and will be available shortly.

Quick Changelog

  • FEATURE Added ability to edit QSOs!
  • BUGFIX Cleaned up iPhone layouts
  • BUGFIX Fix bugged preventing all ‘My Callsign’ inputs from auto-populating with current profile

I had to move around a a bit of code while implementing QSO editing. All tests I’ve written currently pass, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a use case out there I forgot to write a test for. If I missed one, it’ll raise it’s ugly head in the build. Let me know in this thread. Thanks all!

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Hi Jarett…Using Android version at the moment. I noticed if I edit a contact, and then save it…it puts it at the top (most recent) of my log rather than leaving it where it was, organized by time of contact.

Just confirmed, thanks for the find!