0.9.7 Can't delete last log

Hi Jarrett, I found the following bugs so far.
Windows 10: won’t let me delete last log.
iPhone XR: won’t let me delete last log only if it’s Generic.

Oh geez. Does it look something like this:

I’m dumb and I think the ‘Delete’ option is getting cut-off by the box it’s in. If that’s the case, that’s an easy fix.

Thanks for pointing this out!

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Just downloaded the app and created a test POTA log.
Cannot get to delete on my iPad?

Hello @KO4KHB! Which iPad are you using? Does it look like the issue is the same as the screenshot above?

iPad Air 2
iOS 14.4.1

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Thanks for the screenshot! This is fixed in the new build, coming out shortly. I’ll let you know here when it does.

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