0.9.9 Released - 4/4/2021

I just released the 0.9.9 desktop versions of HAMRS, available at https://hamrs.app
0.9.9 has also been submitted to the App Store and should be available tomorrow.


  • Entering multiple parks in the ‘Their Parks’ field will create a QSO for each park


  • Added FT8, SSTV, C4FM, JS8, FT4, DSTAR, and Digital Voice to the Modes dropdown
  • RST, Frequency, and Time fields will present the iOS keyboard with the numbers top bar
  • A couple of more mixes for mobile layouts
  • ADIF file entries are now broken up by newlines for readability


  • Comments are no longer persisted between QSOs
  • Fixed incorrectly marked duplicate QSOs
  • Initial load screen actually loads now.
  • Clicking the HAMRS icon will no longer nav to a blank white screen


Awesome–can’t wait to download it!

I noticed that while we wait for the new version to take, the iOS App Store doesn’t show the current release.

Should this be happening?

Search is wonky. I found it by searching for ‘HAMRS Log’. You can also grab the link from the home page https://hamrs.app

Thank you so much for the updates and fast release!

everything on my iPhone / Mac / iPad works as you described it in your release notes. Thanks, keep up the great work!

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Thank YOU. You made it into the app :slight_smile: Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 2.00.46 PM

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hahahaha, thats cool!

Thanks for this great software. I am a POTA activator and just love this. Yinz are awesome!!!

Do you think there may be a time when Grid Zones will be included as one of the auto-populated data sets?

Working on it right now actually :slight_smile:


Same for their grid, etc.

As I said in my email, dude, you are more than awesome! Thanks so much. de K2PMD

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Jarrett…Wow! Sure took off!!
Can 9.9 on Android be downloaded yet?

It’s currently in Google’s review process for official release. Getting it in the play store will help me streamline deploying all versions all at once, and beta testing went really well so I just pulled the trigger. Should be a couple of days now. They have a large backlog, apparently.

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Hi, I notice that the comments field does not import into QRZ. The field name being exported is “comments” (i.e. plural) but QRZ exports “comment” (singular) so I suspect the field name not matching prevents the import.

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Good catch. I’ll get a fix out.

I replied to your email but it appears to not return a a reply here:
Actually – just done some testing
If you export your comments field 2 times
One with field name comment
One with field name qslmsg
The wrong one will be ignored but qslmsg will be imported into eQSL and comment will be imported into QRZ


I see you have changed to comment in the current beta.