1.0.0 - Released

After a crazy Q4 at work, I’m finally ready to get these database stability changes out the door! Updates should start rolling out soon.

This update requires a quick migration of the data on your device. After installing, you’ll be presented with the following screen:

Once you click the ‘Migrate’ button, you should see a couple of notices that everything went fine. From there on out, HAMRS will be making use of a much faster and reliable database, and a brand new schema:

Please export any logs you want want to keep hold of in case of a migration error

Please leave any new bugs you find in this thread. Also let me know if you experience any speed increases/decreases or data loss.

Other Enhancements

I’ve also tweaked the Winter Field Day Template, adding a field for POWER, as well as fixing how fields are persisted between QSOs, and when coming back to a logbook.

New Merch

Merch sales help me pay the bills! I’m excited to add a new line to the merch store. I make about $5 per shirt, and it really helps me out.

Every Day is Field Day for us portable operators, so start a conversation during your next activation! You can find them at https://hamrs.app/merch


Awesome!!! I know this upgrade came at significant personal cost to you so thank you so much for the time, effort, and resources you poured into it.

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Smooth upgrade. No problems on macOS 10.15.7. Thanks!

Thanks for the update- found what might be a bug. I activated this evening and then into late shift. Exported the .adi and although all the QSO are there they are not in order by date/time. Thanks for a good product, it keeps getting better all the time.


Crap. You are correct - is this dire? Will it make the POTA folks mad? I can get a fix out, but I’m not sure the priority.

Honestly not sure, I sent in the log the way it is. Going to see if they accept it or reject. I’ll keep you updated but K1 does not upload the logs right away.

Update- Just uploaded to QRZ and QRZ has properly sorted the QSOs, I am hopeful that POTA will also auto sort…


I’m pretty sure the sort order doesn’t matter for POTA, but it’s confusing at first when examining a log.

Database Migration

  • Pi - Worked just find on buster and bullseye.
  • Windows - Worked on both Intel and ARM
  • macOS - worked on both Intel and M1 machines on 12.2 Monterey

Note: All my database migrations were small test databases on each of the machines.

Work on iPad mini and macOS Monterey 12.1. Now I would like to know if the adi files can be imported? thx.

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1.0.0 does not yet allow importing of ADIFs.

Thanks for the info. I can’t wait when it can.

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At least in the MacOS version, the Jumping Callsign Cursor bug is still there. KB9JMU

I’ll be working on this the next sprint

@Jarrett, please be sure to read the bug report re: multi-state parks. IMHO that should be near the top of your list of things to fix. “FL,US” as a state is going to cause problems for everyone.

Bug found on Android with version 1.0.0

  1. Open app.
  2. Press “+ New Logbook”
  3. Select any template, or leave default.
  4. Tap “Save”
  5. See error noting that a logbook name is required.
  6. Enter any logbook name into the appropriate box.
  7. Attempt to save the logbook. Note that the app will not save it.
  8. If you close this box and restart the process while including the logbook name prior to saving, the process works normally.

I hope this helps. I’ll test on PC when I have time this weekend.

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I operated Winter Field Day for a couple of hours today and would like to suggest a couple of changes to the template:

  1. Editing a QSO doesn’t allow you to change any of the Sections or Categories, either mine or the other party’s. If I enter a Section or Cateogory by mistake, or forget to fill it in, I can’t change it from within HAMRS.

  2. The “Clear” button clears all QSO info. While not a critical issue, I would personally prefer having the Clear button at least retain my Category and Section, if not the frequency and band. IMHO only the other party’s information should be cleared (call, category, and section) since that is the more common use for the Clear button.

  3. On my iPad Mini 6, which is relatively fast as hardware goes, it still took a bit of time to dupe check my contacts–as long as 5 seconds–with <60 log entries. When hunting, I entered the call sign, and while waiting for it to dupe check, on three occasions I started to answer the CQ WFD only to find it was indeed a dupe. Is it possible to speed this up, perhaps by checking for dupes and displaying the result immediately after entering the call and before attempting to do an Internet look-up on the call sign?

Next I plan to play with importing the records into a spreadsheet and parsing to get them into Cabrillo format.

Thank you,

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Those are all easy fixes, I’ll get them into this next build.

I just checked because I was curious and the dupe checker function is buried in a debounce function and tied to lookups, which it doesn’t need to be. I can pull it higher up the chain and make it super fast. Good catch - that will speed dupes up across all templates.

The other 2 are because the WFD template hasn’t seen a lot of work in a while, and things that are ‘out of the box’ with the other templates had never made their way over.