1.0.1 - Release Notes


Lots of bug fixes and enhancements - I’ve noticed an uptick in folks are taking their time to throw out suggestions, and provide really great, easy-to-replicate steps when they encounter a bug! I can’t you all enough! Mobile devices should started receiving updates in the next few hours, and desktop downloads can be found at https://hamrs.app


  • Updated Changelog formatting

  • Added zero slashed font and used it for tables and inputs that had numeric data or callsigns - Community Request

  • POTA Template:

    • Updated persistence pattern
    • Added MY_STATE and MY_CNTY fields to expanded fields section
    • MY_STATE, MY_CITY, MY_CNTY persists across QSOs - Community Request
    • Entering a park with multiple locations prompts you to pick the state you’re in - Bug Report
  • Generic Template: Added Date to Entries table - Community Request


  • Fixed Table & ADIF sorting. Now sorted by QSO_DATE and TIME_ON - Bug Report
  • Fixed incorrect QSO_DATE_OFF for manual QSO dates
  • Fixed time pausing bug - Bug Report
  • Fixed DUPE checker lag - Bug Report
  • Fixed bug that prevented users from being able to create logbook after getting a validation error - Bug Report
  • Fixed POTA Spot table view showing all spots already in log (all green) - Bug Report
  • Field Day/Winter FD Templates: Combined and fixed some bugs: Bug Report
    • ‘Clear’ Button now only clears the other operator’s information.
    • Can now edit Their Class/Category, and Section on QSOs
    • Normalized data shown in entries table
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So far it has performed flawlessly since the last update. Logged park activations from 13 to 108 qso’s and everything worked as it should. One happy camper…er…hammer here. Thanks for your dedication to getting this app right!


SO glad to hear it, thanks a ton for taking the time to let me know how it’s working for you!